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Since 1928, the company has been developing products that touch the lives of millions of people every day. Dedication and long term investments in technology, know-how and talent have made the company a leading manufacturer and marketer of alcoholic products in over 60 countries around the world.

Consistent high quality is the reason our customers have placed trust in us since 1928.

We ensure strictest quality control from the raw materials through to the packaging of the finished products.

All our products comply strictly with European and other applicable regulations and are GMO free.

Our grape based products correspond to the rules of the International Organisation of Vine & Wine (OIV), Paris.



Crafted in the age old style of American Whiskey making with its roots in the 18th Century, this legendary whiskey is made from the finest selection of only traditional natural ingredients.

This American Whiskey, distilled since 1791, is a complex whiskey with deep golden amber colour and a full body with sweet oak notes. Slightly smoky with good, sweet maple and vanilla notes.


FOB Price Rotterdam:

– American Blended Whiskey 40% 70cl Square Bottle Shape: 2,18 Euro

– American Blended Whiskey 40% 70 cl Standard Tall Bottle: 1,85 Euro


Minimum Order Quantity 1 container (20 feet): 12 900 Square Bottles / 12 252 Standard Tall Bottles



Authentic XO

Crafted from only the finest French grapes, this French Brandy X.O. is matured and aged exclusively in carefully selected oak.

Deep, rich, complex flavours of smoke, butterscotch and oak fill the mouth leading to a long lingering finish.

Made in the great French Brandy tradition.

A smooth, full-bodied richness and bouquet, which will delight, even the most exacting connoisseur.

Napoleon XO

FOB Price Rotterdam:

French Brandy XO 40% vol 70 cl Green Napoleon: 3,08 Euro

French Brandy XO 40% vol 70 cl White Napoleon: 3,14 Euro

French Brandy XO 40% vol 70 cl Black Velvet Napoleon: 3,38 Euro


Minimum Order Quantity 1 container (20 feet): 12 560 Bottles.



This vodka reflects the time-honoured German vodka tradition dating back to the invention of the still by German monks in 1520.

Our Master Blenders craft this extraordinary German vodka with a mellow smoothness.

Enjoy neat or on the rocks or as a base for outstanding cocktails.

Distilled using only traditional methods.

Discover how unique German craftsmanship, and outstanding natural ingredients come together to create this truly exceptional vodka.

Guaranteed German Quality !


FOB Price Rotterdam:

German Vodka 40% vol 100 cl: 1,48 Euro

German Vodka 40% vol 70 cl: 1,09 Euro


Minimum Order Quantity 1 container (20 feet): 9 378 Bottles of 100 cl / 12 192 Bottles of 70 cl

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